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Militia rolls of 1866

A correct list of the names of those who were in the brigade of volunteers which was engaged at Ridgeway, June 2, 1866, would be a very interesting possession at the present day. In the case of the members of the 13th of Hamilton, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to obtain such a roll.  When the old frame drill hall of that regiment was burned in May, 1876, the records of the corps were destroyed.  The officers and non-commissioned officers of some of the companies, however, had copies of rolls.  Col.-Sergt. John Alexander preserved the roll of No. 1 (A) Co., and notes that 43 of the 59 who served in June, 1866, were under fire at Ridgeway.  These are the names on the roll:

Capt. Robert Grant
Private J. B. Campbell
Lieut. J. M. Gibson,
Private J. M. Cook
Ensign I. W. McKenzie
Private Wm. Crisp
Col.-Sergt. Wm. McCracken
Private Chas. Corey
Sergt. John Alexander
Private H. Clutterbuck
Sergt. Wm. Vallence
Private Robert F. Dale
Sergt. J. M. Young
Private Alex. Fitzroy
Corporal John Mc Arthur
Private Colin Ferrie
Corporal John Holgate
Private Jas. Gordon
Corporal Wright
Private Alex. Grant
Corporal Fergs Armstrong
Private Alex. Hamilton
Lance-Corporal Angus
Private H. Hamilton
Burlger, Halliday
Private Edwin Hilder
Private W. Ambridge
Private B. Henderson
Private Wm. Balmer
Private Hohn Herne
Private J. Blunt
Private Chas. Halson
Private Michael Burkholder
Private Wm. H. Jeffery
Private Wm. Black
Private John Johnston
Private Ralph Caddy
Private Jemmy Jones
Private W. Carter
Private Thos. Muir
Private A. Murray
Private Jas. Stewart
Private Jas. Milne
Private Allan Stewart
Private Jas. McArthur
Private H. G. Strathy
Private Alex. Mackay
Private John Tovell
Private Ed. McGann
Private Ed. Walsh
Private W. B. Nichols
Private Robert Young
Private F. Nicholson
Private Cunningham Young
Private Alex. Outerbridge
Sergt.- Major Rossconnell
Private John H. Park
Private J. B. Plastow

The late John Alexander also obtained from a sergeant of No. 2 Co. the following roll of men in that company in 1865
Major Catley
Private Richd. Henry
Captain Watson
Private McIntyre
Lieut. Papps
Private Wm. Green
Lieut. H. C. Baker
Private Alfred Moore
Col.-Sergt. Farmer
Private Chas. Simpson
Sergt. Webster
Private Thos. Christy
Sergt. Richards
Private Brennan
Sergt. John Egan
Private Jas. Gerrer
Corporal Strickland
Private Jeffrie
Corporal Richards
Private Tindall
Corporal Wm. Murray
Private Wm. McDonald
Lance-Corp. Stoneman
Private Robert Crockett
Lance J. Egan
Private Jas. Kendall
Bugler Samuel Ryckman
Private Wm. Henderson
Private W. Walker
Private Wm. Kerner
Private John Blount
Private Fred. Sache
Private Wm. Edgar
Private Henry Armstrong
Private Arthur Moore
Private Wm. Park
Private Jas. Clark
Private Jas. Moore
Private John Crockett
Private Samuel Moore
Private Jos. Brown
Private John Emslie
Private Jas. Egan
Private Jas. Allan
Private Wm. McAuley
Private John Donnelly
Private Frank Evans
Private Chas. Burrows
Private Robert Omand
Private Wm. Aspel
Private John Quigley
Private Wm.J. Harris
Private Samuel Myers
Private Thomas Hyatt
Private J. Vail
Private Thos. Kilvington

No roll of No. 3 nor No. 4 is available, but the following men are known to have been on service with those companies in June, 1866.
Capt. R. N. Law
Lieut. Percy Routh in com'd
Lieut. Ferguson
Capt. John Brown
Ensign Chas. Armstrong
Ensign John B. Young
Ensign A. H. Moore
Col.-Sergt. Thos. S. Ross
Sergt. Walter Greenhill
Sergt. Alex Davidson
Sergt. Chas. Thomson
Sergt. Robt. Campbell
Sergt. James Briers
Sergt. Jas. Hilton
Corp. John Knott
Corp Wm. Shuttleworth
Lance-Corp. H. Barnard
Corp. James Greenhill
Private Thos. Stephens
Corp John Hilton
Private Ira Cornwall
Private John Acheson
Private W. Crossman
Private John Campbell
Private Samuel Howard
Private Wm. Campbell
Private Rodger Murphy
Private John McRoberts
Private Frank Farrish
Private Fred Easter
Private Chris. Kerner
Private R. W. Pentecost
Private Thos. Ewan
Private Fred. J. Issard
Private J. Johnston
Private F. W. Pentecost
Private G. H. Forsyth
Private Alex. Michie
Private Wm. Creech
Private Wm. Hebden
Private Wm. Robins
Private Simpson
Private David C. White
Private Wm. Ross
Private Abraham Goodman
Private W. H. Sutherland
Private Wm. Hempstock
Private W. Dryland

A copy of the pay sheet of No. 5 (E) Co. for 1866 was kept by Col.-Sergt. Boustead
Captain Askin
Private George Greig
Lieut, Ritchie
Private Mayne
Ensign Joshua Hebden
Private Massie
Pay-Sergt. Wm. Boustead
Private Borduc
Sergt. Jas. Heath
Private Robt. Addison
Sergt. Gibbon
Private Samuel Bennett
Sergt. Jas. Robertson
Private Bray
Corp. Loughlin
Private Brown
Corp. Webster
Private Campbell
Corp. Hugh Wright
Private Jas. Clark
Corp. Small
Private Conquest
Corp. Balch
Private Wm. R. Crockett
Buglar, Taylor
Private Drew
Private J. R. Donnelly
Private Reid
Private Falkner
Private H. Richards
Private Freeman
Private E. Richards
Private Sutal
Private W. Taylor
Private Lockerbie
Private Wagstaff
Private Meikle
Private Thos. Walker
Private Jas. Milbee
Private Webster
Private John Morley
Private Whittaker
Private Neil
Private Wakefield
Private M. D. Nelligan
Private Howerde
Private Nutt
Private Hastings
Private Oliver
Private McCabe
Private Wm. Omand
Private S. Taylor
Private Jacob Orr
Private Andrew Leitch
Private A. Phillips
Private Henry Wilson
Private J. Phillips
Private Samuel Yearsley
Private McGillivray

In the possession of Capt. A. W. Roy, who as an ensign was in command of No. 6 (F) Company of the 13th at Ridgeway, is a copy of the pay roll of that company for the period, June 10 to June 20, 1866.  The names, rank, rate of pay and total amount are given in each case.  Following are the names.
Capt. Henry Erskine Irving
Private A. Grossman
Lieut. John Young
Private Jas. O. B. Gunn
Ensign Alex. W. Roy
Private Justus A. Griffin
Sergt. Robert Evans
Private Charles D'A. Heath
Sergt. Ralph L. Gunn
Private Robt. Hutchison
Sergt. David Traill
Private Wm. Irvine
Pay-Sergt. Alexander Allan
Private Joseph J. Kenny
Corporal John Little
Private Allan Land
Corporal Jas. C. Black
Private D. Laker
Corporal Wm. Green
Private Wm. Lloyd
Corporal A. T. Duggan
Private J. V. Lloyd
Bugler James Traill
Private Wm. Manson
Private Andrew Angus
PrivateGeorge Marshall
Private Alfred Armstrong
Private Charles S. Mason
Private Wm. Armstrong
Private Thomas Mills
Private Daniel Brady
Private John McHaffie
Private C. Britton
Private Jas. McKay
Private Thomas Cameron
Private Wm. Ogilvie
Private J. Y. Farmer
Private Alfred Powis
Private J. Gilkison
Private Wm. Reid
Private T. J. C. Green
Private Jas. Rennie
Private J. Goodfellow
Private J. M. Riddell
Private Alf. Roberts
Private C. St. Ledger
Private Alex. Robb
Private James D. Tuke
Private Adam Rutherford
Private James Tindill
Private Larrett Smith
Private Wm. Warren
Private Wm. Smith
Private Charles Williams
Private Samuel N. Sterling


The ship in the background is the W. T. Robb. It made history during the Fenian Faid.

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