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This is a lengthy accounting of William Cowell and John Combs living on the said lots they wished to own.  This became an issue when it couldn't be proved that both of them had purchased the land from Charles Moore.  It is dated Saltfleet may 1832 and lists the following subscribers.

John willson J.P.
Hugh Willson J.P.
Levi Lewis
W. C. Browne
John Glover
Owen Thomas
William (?)
Charles Pettit
Ashman Pettit
Aaron D Emery
John D Carpenter
John Bigger
Charles Carpenter
Samuel Green
Isaac Corman
John Galbriath
Robert Vandusen
Jeremiah Hagaman
John Yagar
William Nelson
James Pettit
Gersham Carpenter
John Carpenter
Joseph Carpenter
George PettitJohn Springsteed
Thomas  (?)
Jeremiah (?)
Jacob Springsteen
Jeremiah Springsteen
D. Springsteen
Wm. Springsteen
Robert (?)
John Vanduser
Jeorge Atthouse
Peter Vanduzer
John Lewis Jr.
John cline
John Lewis
Samuel Kennedy
James Lewis
(?) Smith
Stephen Bedell

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