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Misc Lot transactions

The following is work I did on my own projects.  There are a number of land transactions in Saltfleet.  This file contains limited lot and concessions.   To make it easier to go through I have taken the names that are contained in the list and pasted them here.  The file wasn't set up to sort and I haven't the time to retype it.  Therefore the sort came out by first name.  It will give you a place to quickly see the names.  Most of the following people had multiple records but I left one only.  If the record showed eg. John Combs et ux I left that one as it indicates his wife is on the land transaction.

When looking through the following four pages any transactions that are in black print are from Saltfleet Land Book 1 and the transactions in
red print are from Saltfleet Land Book 2.

Browse the records or list of names below

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Quattro Pro 9 Notebook