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The Township of Saltfleet no longer exists except in the names of a couple of buildings and in the hearts of those who live there or whose early roots are embedded in the area.

Saltfleet was an area heavily populated by United Empire Loyalists.
The following documents are invaluable in placing a person in this
area. If you find someone you are looking for you can then go to the Saltfleet map and locate the exact property they owned.

Please remember that the exclusion of a name does not mean they
didn't settle here. It simply means that at the time of the surveys they didn't own their own land.

The following documents have been indexed by Peggy Large
unless otherwise noted.

Because of increasing information I've added



   1791 Augustus Jones Survey
    Crown Patents Saltfleet Township  
    1875 Augustus Jones Survey
  Saltfleet Map
  Murder in Saltfleet 1801
  Saltfleet & Binbrook 1826 Census
 Militia Lists
  Original No. 10 Lodge Saltfleet
  Misc. Land Transactions in Saltfleet
  Land Petitions with signatures
 Pictures of old buildings lot 16 conc 4        
  The Pioneer Picnic (news June 6, 1889)
  Fenian Raid News Articles
  Memories of Saltfleet (Howard Martin)
  Dieppe War Memorial (Hamilton Beach)
  Militia Rolls of 1866 (Fenian Raid)
  Battle of Stoney Creek    
  Winona History by Georgina Beattie     
  Beach Strip Forts    
News Articles ca. 1874-6   

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